Book: The End of Illness


The End of Illness by Dr. David Agus provides a new lens through which we can view health, and then goes through ways to be healthy in your sleeping, eating, and other habits, as well as how health research may advance in the future with our collaboration.

Lessons for Yogis:

* To be better prepared against the threat of illness, reducing stress in the mind and inflammation in the body is powerful.  Yoga is great for both of these, so, good job.

* When we create habits, performing them at the same time each day will align with a stability the body craves.  So, do morning yoga, lunchtime yoga, or after-work yoga! We can take care of our body by having a regular schedule.  When you go to bed late, did you know it’s better to just get up at the usual time instead of sleeping in? Crazy.

* In general, you really don’t need all those supplements and vitamins, despite the ads in YogaJournal.  Getting your nutrients from actual food is much more effective — your body absorbs them much better.

Favorite Chapters:

1: What is Health? A new definition that changes everything

10: Running to Sit Still: The Perils of a Prolonged Perch

11: Timing is Everything: The Wonder Drug of Keeping a Regular Schedule

14: The Art of Doing Nothing: Honoring our body’s natural healing powers

Find it at a library nearby.

I’ve got the audiobook and I’d be happy to lend it to you on my old ipod. Listened to it on a long drive to a weekend shoot, and it certainly made me aware of my sleep habits and eating habits on the road! Empowering, interesting, and logical. Good to hear from an MD. ~Jordan