Visualization: Envision Results

envision results

A common type of meditation is visualization.  This one has less structure than most, but instead is founded in the law of attraction, as you sort of set yourself to the frequency you would like to see in your life.

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhig explains that the best way to form a new habit is to visualize the reward.  Keep it as a carrot in front of you.  He says, “Want to exercise more?  Choose a cue, such as going to the gym as soon as you wake up, and a reward… Allow yourself to anticipate the reward.  Eventually, that craving will make it easier to push through the gym doors every day.”

Similarly, in Buddha’s Brain, the chapter on communication contains instructions on recording a personal code of unilateral relationships.  Once deciding upon these habits, you are to “visualize yourself acting according to your code no matter what happens.  Imagine the good feelings and other rewards that this will bring you.  Take these in to help motivate yourself to truly live by your code.”

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