Book: The Science of Yoga – The risks & the rewards

TheScienceOfYogaWilliam J. Broad’s The Science of Yoga delves into the history of the practice of yoga and the history of scientific study surrounding it.  A nice East meets West book.

Some Lessons for Yogis:

* Yoga, like all exercise, can injure you.  We might not hear that in class.  (Yoga is a practice in awareness, so we want to move mindfully and back out of any pose that brings us pain.  But sometimes incorrect alignment can produce long-term injuries not felt right away!)

* Yoga can SLOW your metabolism.  (But it has tons and tons of benefits for your physical, sexual, emotional, and mental health! )

* There is some really cool work being done combining Western medicinal practices with this Eastern practice.  Yoga is being used to treat a variety of auto-immune diseases, for instance.  Maybe more double-blind studies and more rigorous teacher requirements may make yoga a more common prescription in the future.

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FOR MORE, you can visit author William J Broad’s website, with a simple page with reviews of the book.

I listened to this as an audiobook and loooved it.  ~Jordan

Broad, William J.. The science of yoga: the risks and the rewards. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2012. Print.