Book: Hidden Treasure by Gangaji


Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the truth in your life story.

This book is a tool for digging into your individual story to uncover inner strength.  Well-written by a teacher whose voice, wisdom, and personal history encourage inquiry and curiosity.

Lessons for Yogis (and artists):

1) “What we think we must have is already present.” The story of ourselves — as we tell it to ourselves and others — can be a good source of inquiry.  This inquiry can help us better understand the patterns of suffering we all experience.  Gangaji explains that this book “invites you to tell your story within the context of recognizing the peace and fulfillment that are always at the core of your being.”

2) “IF LEARNING IS VALUED MORE THAN SUCCESS, WE FLOURISH AS HUMAN BEINGS.”  On the yoga mat (or on the artist’s canvas), we need to have unsuccesses to learn.  We can cultivate a value for learning, seeing the educational importance of tough life experiences, mistakes, or falls.  We can also observe where the pressure of perfectionism is being exerted upon us by our job, peers, family, or society.  Creativity comes when we let go of the expectations and act upon curiosity.

3) It’s natural that we make stories, but don’t cling to them as the absolute truth.  Try to see through them, and try to see them as constructed. “When we are bound to our stories of suffering, we are not free to see and receive creative help.”

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For convenience and tree-saving, I’ve noticed that this book is on kindle now, and that used copies available through amazon are inexpensive (and also tree-saving).

 We’ve got a hard copy of this book we’d be happy to lend to friends and local yoga students! ~Jordan