Book: Feeding Your Demons

allioneTsultrim Allione explores a practice dating back to at least the 11th century.  With Buddhist origins, Chod is a meditation with imagery that contrasts strongly to the storyline to which we are accustomed.  Instead of battling, crushing, or repressing our inner demons, we feed them.  We recognize the good in our various misguided tendencies by examining what they truly want.

The book is easy to understand, with a lovely author whose stories fit well with understanding the practice of Feeding your Demons.  Includes chapters on various kinds of demons that are common, and hydras, which come about when demons combine.

Find it at a library near you.

I have a copy and if you’re in my yoga class I’d be happy to lend it to you!

We did a version of this practice in my yoga teacher training and afterwards, I was interested in learning more so I found an old copy and worked through it. ~Jordan