Reframing: See Learning Everywhere!


When looking at habits of thought, it’s funny to see what we label as failure and what we label as life experience.  There’s so much to learn about what people, jobs, places, that DON’T fit for you.  And you can only figure those things out through experience.  But sometimes we give ourself a harder time when we’re trying to figure out an art project or a yoga pose.  This exercise is just to remind us that as we approach yoga (or anything), we must watch our minds and continuously reframe our negative labels.  Good for overcoming cognitive errors of “should’s”, labeling & polarized thinking, emotional reasoning, as well as filtering & magnifying.

It’s a practice to introduce before class and to revisit during and after.  You could incorporate this into every Shavasana.

For a fantastic TED talk about the problem of how we LEARN to regard failure:

In the context of habits, take a look at The Power of Habit, and in the context of thought patterns, look at Feeling Good.

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