Book: Yoga As Therapy

yoga_as_therapyThis is a series of two books, one part focusing on anatomy and one part focusing on the many exercises we can do to correct or prevent problems.  Really thorough!

I believe this book is self-published, and available from the website of the author and perhaps used elsewhere.

Lessons for Yogis:

*Yoga asanas have the power to help prevent and treat injuries our bodies, if done properly.

* Each of us have very different bodies.  We’ll all respond to yoga differently.  Many of us are asymmetrical in various ways, which can show up as various ailments or hurts.

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I attended a weekend-long workshop with Doug Keller at a local yoga studio, and it was really cool to see all of the different ways we can fix our bodies through specific exercises, and the way the bodies of each person in the class were unique. ~Jordan

Keller, Doug. Yoga as therapy: enlightened anatomy and the therapeutic benefits of yoga. South Riding, Va.: DoYoga Productions, 2008. Print.