Book: Your Brain on Yoga by Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD



Your Brain on Yoga is written by Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Phd, who walks in both the world of Harvard Medical School and Kundalini Yoga, providing a wonderful voice of communication, sharing knowledge between the two worlds. He is a neuroscientist, studying the clinical effectiveness of yoga and meditation techniques.   While he teaches Kundalini yoga, he speaks about many studies that show the benefits of all different styles of yoga.

Lessons for Yogis or aspiring yogis:

1) More and more research is showing the amazing ways that yoga and meditation can affect us in a positive way – helping to heal a huge variety of challenges, and this research is beginning to convince the medical community.  It is being shown to generate “brain activity, biochemical, and even structural changes.”

2) “Yoga is far more than images we see in the media.” – Yoga is not just exercise, but a full mind-body practice.  Especially for those who practice yoga long-term, there are documented changes in mood, learning, and many other areas.

3) He explains the science of yoga so well: “If you are wondering how this fits with your own religious affiliation, let me assure you that there is no inherent conflict between the philosophy and psychology of yoga practice and religious beliefs….Remember, yoga is not a religion, but rather a contemplative mind-body practice.  It does not require any beliefs because it is biological.”

This book is a very quick read, and was actually only published as an e-book. It’s available for kindle – with a free preview – and I was able to check the whole book out for free through the e-books service of my library!