Book: Your Inner Fish

shubinNeil Shubin’s book, Your Inner Fish: A journey into the 3.5 billion-year history of the Human Body is a great read.  This fascinating information might make you think twice when you do a yoga pose named after an animal!

Lessons for Yogis:

1) Our bodies have evolved from much older animals.  When we move, we must consider the physical limitations of our body and brain.

2) Our bodies are incredible! Reflecting on the miracle of the eye, for example, can be a good meditation to give us a new perspective.

3) Our bodies are meant to move. Not only were our human ancestors active, but the animal kingdom from which we have evolved  was created for activity as well.   We can take care of our bodies by staying active!

This was one of the first books I read on the subject, and I found it very easy to understand.  I think I gave my copy of this book to a family member, but I might be able to track it down if you’d like to borrow it from me. ~Jordan